26 February 2020

seedlings up!

from my second sowing- Marigolds:
some of the asian greens, Tokyo Bekana:
and Mizuna:
I've found an advantage to pressing the seedling mix down firmly when I sow. I can just glance in the tray and tell which are emerging and ready to be uncovered, as the soil heaves from seedlings pushing up is obvious against the pressed flat surface surrounding (see above)

zebrina pot

I pinched off long stems on my zebrina plant in the bedroom, and they quickly grew new rootlets in a jar-
so a few days later moved the original plant into a larger pot, and added all the cuttings with it

green, alive

Some moments, I just really admire the light from sun, on a green leaf. Coleus ('exhibition limelight')
Chicago fig:

25 February 2020


before a day of rain, perfect to do some transplanting. I went and dug up the hellebore seedlings. This time put them in a prominent spot, where (hopefully) I won't forget to tend to them.
They're along my front bed, under the shade of euonymus and boxwood.
Very small now and hardly noticeable, but the idea is when they grow up, will drape nicely over the stone edging, and the flowers will be visible on the slightly raised level, before the peonies reach their height for the season.
While I was out there noticed the little sprig of ivy has grown a lot since last year. And that tiny bit of green on the center upper edge of the photo, that's one of the hellebore seedlings. That's how small they are!
Three smallest hellebores went into a pot on the deck. As backup. Maybe they'll do better if I raise them in pots a year or two before planting elsewhere in the yard.
Found the columbine emerging! I wanted to dig up and move this one to the front bed also, but ran out of time (had to go in and make dinner)
Wait for another cloudy day

how to fold

Once again I had to look up the video on folding paper pots. Decided I'd rather have it on paper to remind myself, alongside my garden maps and plant lists in the file cabinet. So I sketched out the steps.

seedling pots

Yesterday started folding paper pots.
and moved up baby russian kales
Then I folded more pots
for the lettuces,
leaf beet chard,
dill, and leeks
They look so small in their new containers
I swear the collards' true leaves have gained richer color overnight

24 February 2020


My new coldhouse.
Yes, a few things are a bit uneven, and the roof pitch is not equal-
but overall I'm very pleased with it. Sturdy and plenty of shelf space.
It's back inside (basement) for a few days while the weatherproofing stain cures, then I will put on the final touch: skin.

signs of spring

Doing random stuff outside, mostly an excuse on balmy end-of-winter day to spy for new growth. Saw a bit of green on the deck post and looked closer, in the tangle of vine and brown leaves, clematis is busting out some green leaves:
I was afraid the smaller, second-year one (pink) might not have survived the winter, but it has emerging leaves too (not quite as green yet)!
I only found borage growing in one garden corner so far- actually it looks like two or three crowded in that one spot. Maybe I will thin. There's sure to be more later.
I think my camellia will bloom this year! It has narrow buds on terminal ends of branches which are new leaves, but also some rounder, larger, fat buds spaced out on the plant. Pretty sure they're flower buds! I've kept the little fencing around it even though never draped the sheet over for protection again. I think that deterred whatever was nipping the plant (deer or rabbits).
First vinca flowers:

23 February 2020

2nd sowing

Started more seed today, actually used up all my seedling trays. Here's the list:

tokyo bekana
summer savory
tomatoes (five kinds)

new england aster
joe pye weed

Trying more flowers, for different areas of the yard not just the vegetable garden. New to me this year: wormwood (to deter some pests hopefully), new england aster, sunberry, ironweed and tokyo bekana (another asian leafy green).
Moved collards into pots made one more tray available. The rest of the seedlings need to move up too, but I have to get more potting soil.

tiny house

My little coldhouse is in regular use now!
Top shelf seedling trays:
closer look:
Middle shelf crowded with coleus:
Further down, and last to go out when it's warmed up enough, a bunch of cuban oregano cuttings. My parent plant needed a trim!

22 February 2020

baby plants

All sporting true leaves now. Kale:
Ferny little dill:
Leaf beet chard (just barely):
and sweet peas: