30 March 2020

spring is bursting

pink buds on heucherella
tiny blue flowers already above the heartleaf brunnera
I'm really glad to see my bugleweed (ajuga) has lots of buds!
this one is already reading out to spread onto new ground
columbine so pretty. Intended to move this one to the front yard but didn't yet
bleeding hearts
Rudbeckia emerging
and echinacea
Monarda is thick already
Some autumn joy sedums I planted in a back section of the yard is coming up
Allium looks a bit thicker than last year- maybe it multiplied
Peony was just showing points, and a few days later when I got out to take a picture they're already inches taller, which beginning of leaves unfurling.
I even found that my rhubarb is still alive- though looking quite small. Maybe I should shift it again.

in the garden

Some green things in the garden, perennial or holdovers from last year, like these swiss chard-
and a few bunches of leaf beet chard
there's one plant of collard greens, it grew taller and is forming buds. Looks like a loose broccoli head
One borage on the edge of another bed. In the front mailbox spot, lots of borage seedlings have finally come up
this one already has fuzzy buds forming in its center
Lemon balm looks healthy. I can't wait to use some. Have only a few pinches of leaves left in the freezer from last year, for evening tea.
I planted out two of the russian kale, and cut to eat the others straight out of their pots.

still waiting

the marker in my yard bloomed- bright forsythia in the corner
I held off a few more days to plant the lettuces, arugula and leaf beet chard though- nights still dip into low thirties now and then. Middle section of my coldframe empty because the window pane has a leak and the paper pots get flooded. I need to put a strip of something to seal it.
Young plants hanging out in my little greenhouse: tithonia and amaranth
Leaf beet chard-
Sweet peas and leeks-
Marigolds- what am I going to do with so many marigolds
Celosia- these need to get potted up soon
Part of my greenhouse broke. The door sticks now (I think the wood expanded as it warmed up) and I forced it shut too many times. The piece below the door and one side of the frame came apart. I can still shut it most of the way and the draft is not too bad, but it will need repairs.

29 March 2020

pink and pink

Camellia buds!
one flower actually opened- it has cold damage but still, I'm thrilled.
Maybe the others that open later won't have brown edges, if they don't get hit by more cold

tiny joy

My one good african violet is blooming now
it's the medium purple one
But here's new! itty bitty leaves finally sprouting from one of the leaf cuttings
I moved it out of the glass cover to a windowsill spot with bright, indirect light

28 March 2020

26 March 2020

warmth in the window

Some days are still chilly and overcast the greenhouse doesn't warm up quite enough to put out the tithonia
or columbine seedlings
These are so dainty and pretty!
Every single one sprouted!
So they stay on a shelf near the only good window in my house (for sun). All the little pots of cuban oregano seem to glow in the light
Found the orange assassin bug still hanging around! Here crawling on base of the cat tower edge of a pot.