20 December 2022

it was beautiful

The waxy, surreally-bright pink flowers on my Thanksgiving cactus are finally fading and dropping off. 
So pretty while it lasted! (pics from a week ago)

16 December 2022

angel gone

 My second-favorite angelfish, Shirley, died sometime last night. She looked okay yesterday- alert and came eager to eat just like always. But this morning I didn't see her in the tank, had to search. She was on the tank floor behind a filter sponge, not moving. She rests in the garden now. I don't want to keep a large tank running for just one fish, so I am breaking down the 55 and moving Precious into the 20H.

I knew her end was probably coming within the year, I didn't expect it to be so soon. Even though it was half-expected and I've never been quite as fond of the gold angels as I was of Miss Beautiful, I still feel very sad and glum.

27 November 2022

fox glimpse

in the yard behind mine

17 November 2022

houseplants to note

My plain spider plant is making tons of babies right now. I've already given away half a dozen and there's more new.
Thanksgiving cactus is a little bigger this year, and getting ready to bloom for the holiday!
I have a new-to-me boston fern. I always did miss the last one. This is one somebody was getting rid of, because done with its summer on their porch. I know it will start to dry out and drop lots of leaves and maybe only last me one or two seasons more. 
But for now I'm enjoying tending it- snipping off dead ends, misting and turning daily. Already it's been thinned out twice, but looks the better for it.

14 November 2022

10 November 2022

dried cowpeas

Took down the vines the other day. Got a few more dried pods I hadn't noticed before
It was a good amount of cowpeas (black-eyed peas) this year, in spite of my neglect 
My little jar is half filled, enough to make a few decent soups I think I still have yet to try them! 
Always find it amusing to see the tiny, undeveloped beans in a few pods- here with two regular-sized ones.

02 November 2022


found crawling on the windows inside- I let it out