09 December 2009

cold greens

In spite of the snow, the Lettuce is still alright- where the snow has fallen crusted on top and left pockets of air underneath the leaves didn't freeze, and they taste fine. The Lettuce in the raised bed fared a lot better and not a single plant there was frozen. Swiss Chard apparently loves the cold- it put out lots of new, bold dark leaves just before the snow and I picked a handful the day after snowfall for a pasta dish- it was delicious! I think that will be our winter staple of fresh leafy greens.

04 December 2009

garden ends

Yesterday we ate our very last garden Tomato from the windowsill- chopped on top of a pizza with some Basil from the indoor pots. A few days prior I cut heads off all the Broccoli plants- it didn't look like much in the hand but steamed lightly w/cheese on top and served fed all of us very well- and quite tasty! There is still (of course) tons of Lettuce, but supposed to snow this weekend so I don't know how much longer that will last. The swiss Chard must really like the cold- since frost has come it is sending up more new, crinkly dark leaves than ever.