15 July 2021

second jar

A while back I found another gallon and a half jar at a thrift shop. It exactly matches my first shrimp jar. I thought it would be fun to have two- and I've got four shrimps, two seems to be a number that does okay in there without an airline running. I thought I would move the two from my ten gallon guppy tank into this jar. Right now it's just got prepped safe-t-sorb substrate, a piece of dragon stone and some plants- anubias, a few small buces, a scrap of parrot's feather and elodea stem that came loose in the other jar.
I dropped a handful of snails in there, and thought they were doing fine because I see them crawling around. But then I found two dried up out on the bench. Tested the water- sure glad I did. It's not cycled. High nitrite, a bit of ammonia at 0.25 ppm and over 40 nitrates. 

I can't put shrimp in there yet. I'll add more plants (maybe that clump of vallisneria in the vase next to it) and bits of food for the snails that are toughing it out, but the shrimps will have to wait.

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