14 July 2021

angels update 9

I did a salt bath for Shirley. And finally, some real improvement! She tolerated it quite well- was calm during the actual bath. I used 1 TB aquarium salt per gallon and made her bath 3 gal. I didn't want her to feel cramped. But I think 1.5 or 2 gal would have been enough. It was when I dipped out half the salt bath and started replacing with some fresh water - to do a gradual readjustment- that she started darting around frantically. I netted her out, dipped into the recovery bucket of fresh tankwater, then straight back into the tank.
She hid from me for a bit. Now looks fine, swims expectant to the front glass again but when I approach with the camera she's a bit leery. So no very close photos yet, but now I can clearly see the edge of her lip, without the fungus blot over it. 
Other news from the tank: I think I will have to get rid of Foxface, sigh. And maybe the other one. For a while now I've noticed him pestering the angelfishes- he glides slowly but deliberately straight at one of them, and the angel will tilt its body sideways, or its nose up (a submissive posture?) then dash away. Sometimes he chases them. Which would be fine, except now I sometimes see him jab at the other fish at the end of his glide, and a speck will float free, and he darts sideways to grab it. Is he eating their scales?! He's also eating the hornwort, and browned tips of vallisneria leaves, and there are very few snails left in the tank- except the two nerites. That's fine, but not this! 

Little Rascal remains rather timid- but I don't know if the smaller festivum would start being aggressive to the angels if I removed the dominant Foxface. I've read that male festivum can be nasty tempered, while the females are calm and mild-mannered. Don't know which genders mine are, or if that's true.

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