17 April 2020

in the shady sideyard

Everything turned out fine. Either it didn't get as cold as predicted last night, or my measures worked. I spent hours late yesterday watering all the garden and yard plants by hand (because I didn't want the hose to spray foliage which if still damp at freeze might harm the leaves?). I covered turnip and beet seedlings and the camellia with old sheets, heaped crushed sycamore leaves and put upended pots over the lovage, lemon balm, cranesbill, black-and-blue salvia and alstroemeria. Shifted my leaf mulch pile and gave thicker layers to most of the hostas, the ferns, lady's mantle, peonies and the chrysanthemums, which are just starting to emerge.

This morning went out to remove coverings and push the mulch back aside. The stuff from the leaf pile was warm. In fact not only did it protect the plants, but I think it gave some of them a boost. Both the old and divided piece of black-and-blue salvia doubled in height overnight! Pics of that soon. Right now I have some from a few days ago.

Lily of the valley is blooming:
I'm pretty sure the stand is thicker this year than last.
Joe pye-weed has come up, and this one didn't suffer from the cold.
The reddish huechera behind it, actually look nice this year. I think the rabbit that had been nibbling them down is gone. I thought they would make a nice contrast behind the ' chocolate' joe-pye, but I think I need more joe-pye in that spot.
Very russet, almost wine-colored. Wish I knew their variety name. It's one I picked up on a whim at a grocery store of all places.
(pink heucherella over by the garden are soooo lovely!)
Lady's mantle is looking great
First new growth on my oakleaf hydrangea, very glad to see this one leafing out!
The viburnums I planted in an area against the fence are all looking nice, too. The ones I probably shouldn't have encouraged, as I don't know what kind they are (native or invasive)
Here's that little plant I think is a rose again, though never seen it bloom.
Flush of green on my hibiscus!
There's a lot of this plant in edges the yard now. Especially in some back areas against the rear fence. I think it might be a honeysuckle?

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