25 November 2019

begonia speckles

My angelwing begonia grows just as quickly as advertised
Already a new leaf:
And the cuttings that were completely bare, sprouting as well:
Other plants still kinda new here- Aglaonema has some new young leaves, it already needs a bigger pot.
and it's grown a few flower spathes. They look just like anubias flowers!
Peace lily is doing alright; better since I removed some leaves that were wilting with puckered creases. I figured out this was the tiny plant-sucking insect I can barely see but was probably also afflicting my sweet potato vine cuttings on the window tank, and the avocado plant nearby. I cut off all the sickly leaves, wiped all the others down with mild bleach solution then again with water to remove the mites or aphids or whatever they were. All treated plants are perking up now.
On the same shelf- heartleaf philodendron doing nicer now, too.

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