23 November 2019

angel vals

Here's the new plants I put in my 45g a few weeks ago. Crypt spiralis and crypt retrospiralis (yes, trying them again).
 there's the crypt retrospiralis in the far background,
and crypt spiralis behind something else-
it looks a lot like the crypt balasae (foreground here)
I pulled the crinum out of my window tank- it was never happy in there- and moved it into one of the planter baskets in here- background.
My aponogeton capuroni seem to be doing better now, btw.
And here's a new grand thing: vallisneria 'rubra'
The strappy foliage is very broad, and it's cool to see the texture
My angelfish seems to feel comfortable with all these new 'grasslike' additions
I just don't know how well the 'rubra' will do longterm, I haven't seen any new foliage grow out yet and am pretty sure the leaf thickness and/or color will differ as it adjusts to my tank.
Also, I had ordered from the same company two new aponogetons- 'longiplumulosis' and 'Boivinianus' which I was really looking forward to growing. Unfortunately, when I opened the package, one bulb was obviously moldy and smelled bad. I had to toss it. I didn't feel it was worth mentioning back as I had gotten them as a two-for-one deal, so one was free. I put the other one in the tank, and a few days later it was covered in white mold as well. Ugh. Both goners.

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