08 October 2019

plants around

outside- sweet pea flowers- few, but such lovely scent
I thought my false indigo was all dead,
but one of them has sprouted new leaves!
the little rue I put near it looks great since being planted out
Recently I cut back sculpit to eat it for the first time. It's regrown!
The variegated basil just never quits. I keep cutting it back and hanging to dry, it springs right up again. Wonder if I can overwinter this one indoors.
My citrus scented geranium is much happier since I've held back from watering it! Aim to take cuttings soon.
Cuban oregano did better this year, spending the summer outside!
Rosemary- not so much. It hasn't fallen ill from bugs again, but hasn't grown much either. I went to a different nursery today, hoping to find a different, hardy variety- no such luck.

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