05 October 2019

fern and jade

My jade is having problems.
It looks fine at a glance- but the foxtail fern kind of hangs over it so not as easy to admire-
Its pot feels heavy to heft, yet it's dropping withered, flat leaves. Have worms made the soil denser again?
(at it's base I found one small kalanchoe baby, with one plantlet on its margin- so I still have those!)
I moved the foxtail fern here because I saw one growing in a greenhouse with short fat plumes and it was in direct sun. I wondered if mine would change its growing habit if it got more light.
Seems to have. All the new plumes coming up are shorter. I might start trimming off the older, trailing ones and let it fill in thickly with short stems, then it won't overshadow the jade anymore.
I fear my jade might have mites or tiny aphids again. I had cut the tarragon to ground (to eat it) a while back, and it has regrown marvelously with no sign of ill. But I wonder if the pests that were on tarragon jumped ship to the jade plant?
Closer investigation, maybe some treatment and repotting, are in order.

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