04 October 2019

my violets

Some of my violets needed repotting. They're all done blooming now. Left here is the purple one, it had lost some lower leaves and developed a 'neck'. Right is the pink-edged pale purple one, it had two crowns
and was getting quite crowded-
I split that one into two pots- both halves came away with a good amount of roots-
Trimmed roots off the bottom of the purple one, resettled lower into its pot with fresh soil atop-
Back in the bedroom window light. One shares space with potted coleus for now.
The oldest, my grand pink one, just got a bit of new soil on surface level. It's looking great.
I have just found out that you can buy set of leaves from violet (and other gesneriads) that get sent in the mail- cheaper than buying a whole plant, and wider variety of fancy or unusual types, far beyond what I ever see in the nurseries here. So many beauties, I'm curious to try.

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