24 April 2018

seedling report etc.

My peppers just came up yesterday. I still don't have any joe pye, milkweed or ironweed sprouting. Everything else is growing. Only the arugula has true leaves so far-
Tithonia, marigold and tomatoes are just starting to put theirs out.
Here's dill
and celosia
some of the plants are now spending most of the time out on the deck, only coming into the coldframe at night- here's my "stump" coleus, lemon verbena, russian sage, 'autumn joy' sedum.
Yesterday, anticipating two days of rain to follow, I planted out the black-and-blue salvia (mailbox spot)
rumex (went in next to the rhubarb and hellebores)
and a purple-mix monarda
I can tell that my older monarda already needs dividing- the plants now form a ring around the stems of last years' growth. Those I'll cut down as part of the base layer for my compost pile in a few days, when I turn it.
I'm eager to plant out more perennials- mountain mint and rue pictured- but must be patient. Last frost day isn't until may 10.

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