03 April 2018

more spring plants!

columbine foliage just seems to glow
heartleaf brunnera-
the flowers are so tiny
I can't believe how numerous the vinca flowers are this year. I didn't really do anything special for it. Just a bit of trim in fall.
New leaves on the rose- which I forgot to move again.
Lilac buds. Hope for more bloom.
Clematis vine sprang up really fast this year.
It has quite a few promising buds already.
I'd almost forgotten I have allium. Seems to have spread a bit- three or four clusters this year instead of two.
Shy hellebores
pale dusky pink
tiny new leaves of cranesbill
daylilies pushed up out of the extra leaf coverage I gave them when the snow hit last month- I was going to uncover again but didn't have to
no sign of echinacea foliage yet, but there are seed heads left. I didn't see birds feeding on them in the winter. Going to cut these down and scatter in case a few will germinate.
Forsythia blooms sparsely for me. Either because the deer ate it or because it doesn't get enough sun.
but I think the irish spring is keeping them away, because none of the new leaf buds are nibbled since I hung a new piece

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