14 January 2018

surprise fish

Something very cool showed up in my tenner.
Baby catfish!! I saw something move just above the substrate that wiggled more than a snail shifting- thought is there a pest in there? peered close and startled to see a tiny peppered cory. It's about the size of one substrate grain.
Closer. This is the best picture I got, and it took a lot of patience.
Here's some more-
Resting just under the buce root hairs:
In the windelov java fern:
On a buce leaf:
This was the first glimpse (under the blurred leaf arching across center):
Small blur between two blue buces:
The adults are still incredibly shy. One was up close, under the shelter of windelov and buce, but the moment I slowly focused the camera,
it fled to the back (against the brown leaf between rotala stem and base of crypt). I would dearly love to get a photo of the fy next to an adult for scale- right now it's about the size of an adult's pectoral fin- but it's impossible.

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