21 April 2017


My lilac is looking wonderful. It's doubled in size since last spring!
Forsythia has also taken off- pruned it for the first time this week. (Picture taken before the trim job).
Hydrangea nice big foliage growing lush. The second one has finally sprouted new leaves, too- but weeks later, and only on its top half.
I am really happy so far with the rhododendrons. The light glances blue-green off the foliage they hold horizontally, very nice can see it from the house window.
But the third one, which had poor roots when I first took it out of the pot, half of it died. I cut off all the dead stems, not sure if it will recover.
Summersweet is the last of all to leaf out, but I see a little green bits on all the stems.
My one little azalea has busted out pink flowers all over. This makes my five-year-old very happy.

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