21 April 2017

one more

Third new serpae tetra added to the window tank yesterday.
Pictures with black felt background make the feathery green of hornwort more visible.
This second photo isn't as focused, but I moved the chair that was making vertical pale stripes, and got myself out of the reflection.

I'm beginning to notice the difference in service and care at each of the pet stores in driving distance, now that I visit them regularly. Went to lfs next town over, because I really want to give them my business. But they only had one serpae tetra left- it looked emaciated and listless (only sick-looking fish I saw in the store!) so I didn't buy but talked to the owner excitedly about the gorgeous angelfish he gets from a family-run hatchery in Florida. Someday I will go back and get my own pair, when I have a bigger tank...

I hopped over to the PSmart in that town- it was very clean and I was impressed with the fish they had in stock, compared to the one by my house. I got this tetra from them. A few days ago when I bought a pair, was a bit irked that the guy tied the bag shut, so when I got it home took some work to undo the knot, jostling the fish around. I didn't want to cut it off and have the bag too short to handle easily while acclimating (I still do the old-school float method, adding portions of tank water, then dump in a bucket and scoop the fish out to put in the tank). Yesterday pleased to see a rubber band used (I put them to new purpose). Also the lady splashed a few drops of stress coat in the bag. But then she wrote ID for the cashier on it with a permanent marker. I don't know if it would get anything into the tank water but taking no chances I transferred the fish again at home into a clean quart ziploc to acclimate...

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