20 April 2017

serpae pair

A few new fish in my window tank- two serpae tetras destined for the main. Wanted them in here for a week or so to observe and treat if needed for anything. They look great so far. A little skittish but I put a backdrop on to make it darker and they calmed down.
Swordtails actually seem excited to have a few companions- or are just curious about the newcomers.
Plants in here are plugging along. Hornworts are starting to fill the tank floor to ceiling with the wispy green lines of their needles. Java ferns grow really slow, but still making new fiddleheads and baby plantlets on leaf margins- there's two now. I added some java fern 'red' a few weeks ago. Those two bunches
separated out into this much.
Tied down onto little stones.
They are lined up across the back wall- nice to see the leaf texture backlit from window- but doesn't show up well in photos of the tank yet.
This red variety is supposed to get taller than the standard java fern, but it will probably take a long time to see that as I expect slow growth in here. However there are a few small fiddleheads coming up already, so I am hopeful.

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