22 April 2017


Well, that was quick. QT idea for serpae tetra did not last. Soon as there were three in the window tank, Witchy Fish was cowering on the substrate again. I saw one of the tetras persistently chasing Fabio, nipping at his trailing fins. He seemed rather desperate to get away.

I watched that for ten minutes, then moved them out. After the disruption was over, the two swordtails drift calmly around their tank again. The six serpae tetra look splendid in the main tank together. I had a small concern that the new ones would teach the old ones nippy behavior, but they are all busy flashing their fins at each other. Striking at food at the surface now, too. I fed a bunch of small moths to the cherry barbs, wondered if a serpae could eat the moth, their mouths look smaller. One of them gave it a good try, lost its grip, and a barb nabbed the insect from him.
Now that tetras are out of the window tank, have lowered the temp for the swordtails. It's at 72 now, and they look if anything a bit more active.
I added a small clump of subwassertang on a stone, and the baby java fern off leaf in the main.

Main tank got a bit of trim today- bacopa stems cut and replanted, also some of the hygro (which I think now is a ludwigia hybrid?). I don't know what this green crypt is doing, some leaves stay bright green, others are getting longer and dark like the Becketti petchii! On the same plant. There's a bit more BBA tufts showing up in here, always on older leaves. Not sure if that is from some imbalance while I was gone and fishes unfed, or from adding six more fish in the past weeks, or because had a few small deaths.
Horned nerite snail died, and so did one of my Amano shrimp. Probably it was old. I found the carcass. One serape has an odd bump on its lip- looks like a cyst. Don't know what it is.

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Jeane said...

Actually the shrimp didn't die! see more recent post "shrimp transfer"