01 March 2017

outside seed

Finally sowed some trays and outside jugs today. Dismayed to find I seem to have thrown away most of my winter-sowing jugs last year- probably they were getting dirty and scuffed, but through the year I quit buying that kind of milk- now I usually get it in cartons- so I never replenished my supply of empty jugs! I only found one jug, plus two bottom trays which I covered with misfit upended plastic containers. So had to change my seed-starting plans a little bit.

Outside I've got started broccoli, borage, three kinds of lettuce and arugula (new for me this year). I finally used up the last of my store-bought simpson lettuce seed- it was from 2010.  I have a packet of saved seed from the same year, but will have to start drying and saving more for future gardens this season or next. More to come.

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