01 March 2017

tenner update

Windelov fern is getting kind of unruly in here.
Buces look better this week. Read on the forum that actually what they need most in terms of conditions is stability (I thought they were a low-light plant, but some people grow them in high tech tanks just fine). So when parameters or fert levels change, they suffer. Think I'm back on track.
I cut and trimmed tallest ludwigia and bacopa in here recently. Feeling rather dissatisfied with their appearance lately. Not sure I want ludwigia to be the main background plant, anymore.
Not sure if I like rotalas in the foreground anymore, either. Thinking about bringing over here some of those green crypts out of my main tank- they seem to be staying smaller than the crypt wendtii...
Subwassertang on the sponge fell off its spot. A few pieces stuck to the knob of driftwood there, so maybe I will just wait and see how that little bit grow out by itself.
Doing much better in the other corner- just touching the glass so this week I will have to trim again.
I don't know if marsilea hirsuta is going to make it long-term in this tank. It is adjusting very slowly. Some clumps of it have come loose from the substrate, and as they didn't have any nice white roots (only black decaying mess) I discarded them.
I'm not sure if something is wrong with my tiny baby anubias barteri in here. The leaves have been getting some diatoms or brown algae on them- I rub it off. And the rhizome piece is yellowing.
Flame moss strands on the end of the driftwood log have gotten nice and tall. These I had never trimmed yet- and they are quite a bit thicker than the flame moss in other areas I had trimmed regularly. Perhaps because I left them alone so long, had time to grow out nicely. I trimmed them this week and used on stones in the other tank.
Curious thing, looking at a different angle through the middle of the tank (where you can see the wisteria plant appears to finally be recovering) if you focus closely, the java fern roots are visible in the skull cave. Looks like three thick ones, or clusters of thinner roots, going straight down into the substrate. Feeder roots, apparently. I never knew they could get so thick.

Looking back at other pics realize I like the look of this tank better with a light background. So I took off the cloth backdrop and put back on a plain white one...

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