01 March 2017

started seed

Finally got this done! I think it's the most trays I've ever started at once- had to double-stack them on top of the fridge. Will need to check daily to mist and remove lids, move into sunny windows as soon as seedlings start coming up. This is what I got going today:
Five kinds of tomatoes: brandywine, beefsteak, cherry, black cherry, cherokee purple. Last two are new- my husband surprised me with some seed for my birthday this year! I have three nice pepper plants ready to start getting used to outside weather again- ancho, bell and serrano. Starting seed for a 'wisconsin lake' a blocky sweet red pepper, and 'aurora' which is a small, upright hot pepper that starts out purple and transitions to red.
Also started trays of marigolds, nasturtiums, leeks, celosia, basil, summer savory, green onions, cilantro, dill and okra. I'm growing okra as an ornamental plant, not really planning on eating it. Probably will cut off the fruits and just compost them- none of us really like it. Or let them go to seed and roast them for hot drink again. But I think the foliage is pretty, and the flowers...

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