11 March 2017

main tank

The thirty-eight needed very little cleanup this week.
I like capuroni better now it is tied at the base.
Appears that all my retrospiralis
and willisii rhizome pieces have sprouted,
and maybe even the piece of crypt balansae, although it is far in the back and I can't see it well. Here's the one plant of that, in behind all the others.
Aponogeton crispus looks much improved this week- no decaying foliage or algae. I think it benefitted from the root tabs. Forming a wall behind the rotala indica stems, here.
No more signs of BBA on the crypt wendtii either. See its baby- front left of in the picture.
Echinodorus seems to be doing okay with being shifted- although a few outside leaves have browning spots so maybe it is going to drop some. The green crypt I put in its place suffered more- a lot of its lower leaves yellowed and it started to come loose from the substrate, had to tug it back down.
Elodea thicket is really filling in again since my last adjustment with ferts (still dosing macros and micros separately).
When I look down on the bacopa, it seems to be glowing.
Earlier in the week I dropped in garlic-soaked betta pellets for the kuhlis, and all the shrimps came out of hiding to get some. There's still five in here- even bigger now. Here's a pic of one of my newer nerite snails- an olive-brown horned one like my late Dimple. This one has nicer 'horns' than my old one. I also have a new zebra-striped one. They were trades for some plants a few weeks ago.

The only plants that looked a bit poorly in here this week were the hornworts- maybe because everyone else did so well there wasn't enough nutrients for them? I've noticed some of the hornworts have shorter internodal spacing than others- and this makes them difficult to put on the clips. I don't know why some and not others. Thought at first it was a plant response to environment- but they're all in the same tank. I have started removing the ones with shorter internodes- if it is an individual plant variation thing, eventually I will only have the wide-spaced ones in here.

Rinsed out media in the canister filter this week. It still makes me a bit nervous opening it up, as if I might forget a step with the valves and make a flood. Went smoothly this time.

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