11 March 2017

in the tenner

Tank maintenance was yesterday.
I cleaned out some yellowing leaves on the base of transplanted green crypt- otherwise it's doing well.
Buces looking decent- the creeping ones on the log seem to have improved.
Java fern dropped a few leaves, but it has one newer leaf without black spots like the rest, so maybe it is doing better since I changed my fert routine.
I trimmed and replanted a few rotala stems.
Since thinning out the windelov on that chunk of driftwood, the anubias on it seems much happier. It has new leaves and the older ones are staying evenly green.
I don't know what's up with this bit of the old anubias barteri, though (lower left). One leaf went entirely brown and I cut it off this week. It is sprouting new foliage, though. I think something was out of balance in the tank last week- the ludwigias don't look so great either.

I'm considering taking out the flame moss patch in here- it just keeps accumulating mulm. I could start another stone in the main tank... Thinned out the spirodela polyrhiza as usual (and threw the culls into the window tank). Lifted out the sponge filter for a rinse and saw that the bio-cubes I have in its base were quite brown. Maybe clogged and no longer very functional, or impeding flow? I took over half of them out, discarded and replaced with some of the ceramic cubes out of the main tank's canister.
And here's some pics of Samblu.
Looking sideways at me-
Doing his thing going around a low corner. Funny fish.

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