11 March 2017

window tank

It was easier than I expected, doing three tanks on my usual timeframe. But of course, the window tank didn't get a water change this time around. It doesn't look like much yet.
After having it set up it for a week decided I don't like the row of suction cups holding hornwort stems across the back wall. Too conspicuous. Removed them all, sterilized more granite chips and used those to tether down the stems instead.
Got a bit of cleanup- some of the hornwort plants had shed a ton of needles. It seems to be the ones that came out of the main tank, those from the snail bowl are doing better. Probably because they didn't have as big an adjustment to make.
Windelov ferns look fine.

Spirodela polyrhiza doing poorly in here- it tends to pile up in a corner pushed by the current, and there were a lot of shed root hairs. I took most of them out and replaced with more culls from the tenner. I'm guessing the swordtails might eat this plant, that would be its purpose in here...

The tank water was starting to look slightly cloudy- so I cleaned out a lot of plant debris yesterday. This morning it's clearer. I'm still siphoning out the food once or twice a day as it starts to mold, and dropping more in. Trumpet snails still doing fine (they seem glad of the food offerings as there is no algae). Cycle is progressing- Ammonia test was a solid yellow today, Nitrites 2.0 ppm.

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