02 February 2017

coleus colors

I am continually impressed how well my coleus are doing this winter. January is the coldest month of the year here, and their color really cheers me. The lime-and-orange one has grown back from almost nothing. So glad I saved that one.
'Kiwi fern' is looking better than ever!
And my standby pink ones in the best spot, I swear the foliage is just as large as they get outside in summertime.
Here's the other one, it's kind of obscured by the sweet potato vine (which is also doing great). Color is just fantastic.
For comparison, here's where they were a month ago. I'm still trying to pinpoint what the factor is that improved their health so much this time around. No more leggy growth- I would attribute that to the amount of sunlight but only the two in the last pic are getting the best sun- the others are still in the kitchen window, which doesn't get the same intensity. I think it's also due to the fact they got the best potting soil I've bought yet (Dr. Earth) and are getting fish watste water- and the ferts in that are finally balanced correctly (I think).

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