30 December 2016

wintering coleus

I'm really pleased with my coleus cuttings, now growing out in the windowsill. Here's the old standby pink one.
The lime-and-orange has recovered nicely:
'Kiwi Fern' is looking good, too- no more discolored foliage
even the smaller stems of it have healthy-looking leaves.
But the ones that really shine are the two pots of coleus that were bases of outside plants I cut down and root-trimmed in fall to bring inside. They are gorgeous. I've never had such healthy-looking overwintering coleus. Not sure if it's because I kept the original, cutback plant going, or because they are situated next to a heat vent with carboard blocking the draft, and get more sun than those in the windowsill...
but they sure are doing well!

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