01 February 2017

main overheads

Had a day to myself recently. I took the light strip and lid off my main tank,
removed the hornwort
set up lights on either side, blocked window glare and stood on a stepstool to get an overhead photo.
Here's a few closeups looking down, these taken with the light strip back on the tank. Crypt wendtii is looking marvelous!
To its left you can see crypt retrospiralis and wilisii 'lucens' against the wall, blue-green of anubias afzelii, brighter green in front of that of the 'asian' crypt I still haven't identified. Just to left of that cluster and front of the anubias are the smaller round leaves of buce 'emerald green' showing. Behind the anubias back left corner some java fern I recently added.
Right from the wendtii is the hygro compatca thicket. Round clumps of subwassertang on their baskets and sponges below, a few long points of aponogeton crisups leaves above. Can barely see the anubias nana 'petite' below the apono stems- just above the hygro. Crypt becketti petchii shows its leaves flanking the wendtii also- they are thinner and the striping longitudinal.
Right from the hygro thicket- the same subwasser bushes below, 'windelov' java fern bottom right, the other crypt petchii above that. Whorl of the base of apono capuronii top left, one of its long leaves reaches into the picture from the top right. More apono crispus leaves- the brighter, ruffled green. center of it all is the small group of ludwigias I have in here. The stems have got mixed up- I have at least two kinds, maybe three- but in adjusting to my tank conditions they have all come to look so similar.

I didn't take a closeup of the farthest right corner for some reason. Last time I took an overhead shot was a year ago, here.

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