17 June 2021

new outside

I planted out my bush green beans and cowpeas- on either side of the leaf beet chard row that grew between the snap peas (now removed). There was more space than I expected, so I sowed a few more too. (Mulch is green. Will make a better picture later when it's dried.)
Unintentionally, I now have tons of tokyo bekana seedlings. When I gathered up the plants, the ones that still had green, immature pods I just hung under the deck to dry. Few days ago I split some open. The seeds were nice brown and dry, but very small. I thought: those won't make great plants. So I crushed all the dry pods and stems, scattered them in the bed with amaranth, adding to the mulch.
Turns out they were plenty viable. They grew up thickly all over the bed.
I've started thinning them. And made a little salad from the sprouts. With shredded carrot, raisins and sesame seed. It wasn't the tastiest, though. Kind of a sharp flavor.

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