16 June 2020

more flowers!

At least, I'm hoping for 'em. The milkweeds look great. Celosia don't, but oh well maybe next year I'll get big 'cockscombs' again. First 'seashell' cosmos!
Here's a better pic of a nasturtium
Few days ago I was sitting down under the deck, just four or five feet from the bit of wire netting that sweet peas are climbing. Only one bloom so far, and a hummingbird came to drink from it. I heard the strong thrum of its wings and looked up. What a wonder. Hope it comes back. There'll be more sweet peas soon.

It might be just too late in the season, but today I finally planted out a little row of cardinal climber behind the turnips and carrot bed, and another handful of them against the neighbor's fence. Also dug up another corner of grass on the edge to plant the zinnias malva sylvestris, and put some 'red spider' zinnias in blank spots between the cosmos and marigolds.

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