04 June 2020


Garden is in full swing. Picked and ate fresh sugar snap peas yesterday. Not a lot, but soon there will be more!
Pole beans are planted behind the peas. 
I like standing in shade behind the row, imagining the bean vines winding up their poles beside me. They've just started to climb.
Still have lots of lovely collards.
Sweet peas are starting to climb the fencing behind them.
Rue is flowering. Floating above the blue.
Photo of one side of the garden- the bed on left was supposed to have peppers, but my one pepper plant keeled over. Damping off? or cutworms? don't know.
So instead now that space has marigolds, cosmos, the one sunberry 
and row of amaranth 'callaloo'. Which isn't doing great. Looks pale and splotchy. I doused with soap and pinched off the sickly leaves, not a lot of improvement. (I ate one leaf fresh to try it).
Lentils aren't doing too well either. I think slugs ate most of the plants. Three or four left:
Here's one of the new beds with cucumber, zucchini and cantaloupe (which will probably sprawl across the grass) in front; and brick-edged bed in the rear with beets, carrots and turnips.
Tomato bed:
Already some tomatoes coming on:
The new tokyo bekana I tried to sow where glaze collards got cut down, didn't sprout well. Or the squirrel dug up/disturbed the baby plants. I only got two seedlings. So started more in a tray indoors, will set out when they're a bit bigger:
Herb bed in full sun. Recently cut sage to dry; just after this photo taken cut lemon balm back to freeze some fresh leaves, and it's nearly time to eat more green onions!

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