20 May 2020

garden work

Today I put my sculpit in the ground. Should have done this weeks ago. I didn't realize it could grow as a perennial until just recently.
Perhaps they are too close, but I might thin some out later.
I trimmed the winter savory a bit to make room- that's nepitella on the left and lavender on the right.
I took most of my 'exhibition limelight' coleus out of their pots and placed in the yard, in a curve fronting some yellow salvias. They seem to glow in the shade.
I planted out marigolds on either end of the bed that was supposed to have peppers.
But my biggest job today was digging up this clump of sensitive fern from the same bed
and moving them it (divided up)
to surround a tree. Kinda pathetic now
But I hope they will spread and fill in (sensitive fern is known to do so!)

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