06 May 2020

ferns plus

Sensitive fern coming back up!
All around the huge hostas.
My peonies are full of buds
And the most lovely- I had to get this photo of yellow salvia leaf overlapping a blue hosta. Never seen my yellow salvia with such large foliage.
More birds! Watching and listening this morning, they're all over the place. In addition to the robins, blackbirds, wren, sparrows and two blue jays, now I've spotted a pair of cardinals frequenting the yard. There's a woodpecker. And a pair of catbirds came right up on the deck. One fluffed out its feathers and the other fed it (male feeding female?) Looks like they want to nest in the euonymus again- I flushed them out a few times unintentionally, walking by to do garden work. A robin keeps chasing them. The jays and robins chase each other. Fighting over resources? I snuck up nearly to the edge of the deck railing to watch a blue jay poking around in a still-empty garden bed, gobbling something up every few hops. So close. Will try to get better at using my camera on the birds.

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