15 April 2020

plants update

Changed habit with putting some of my young plants out for sun. Now all the celosia go into the coldframe- they don't seem to mind a bit of draft, or getting too hot if I am tardy to open the glass lid-
Whereas the young tomatoes had been suffering, had some leaf burn and wilt. Doing better now. Here they're waiting to go out into the greenhouse.
Finally potted up the nicotiana. Wasn't sure if it was worth trying. They tend to not do well being transplanted.
Some in paper pots (above) the rest in plastic I had
But I did better at digging up and moving borage this spring, and a few turnips and beets when thinned instead of eating them tiny I move 'em and they survive. Maybe my hands have got enough practice working with the tiny fragile plants I could do okay by the nicotiana too.

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