30 September 2019

more photos

because I walked around the yard with my camera after planting, and everything looked so fresh and lively in the rain. Lilies of-the-valley:
I find I like the look of the Osteospermum- and did more reading on this plant. It's considered a tender perennial, might come back with good protection- but if I take cuttings now I'll have even more in spring to use in the landscape, whether the parent one survives or not.
Cranesbill foliage.
I cut this virginia creeper down to the ground months ago, it's climbed up the shrub again-
and growing out the top!
My lilac actually looks healthy this fall. It doesn't have leaves falling off all brittle and mottled. I'm not sure what did better for it- the heavy leaf mulch, the right amount of compost feeding? the winter waterings? a few soapy treatments for bugs?
Regardless, it looks so much happier this year- hope I can keep that up.

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