09 January 2019

new thing!

I'm so excited about this I'm checking the tank and taking pictures daily, almost as thrilled as when I found catfish fry. There is a bright green shoot unfurling behind the row of anubias nana in my window tank. I first saw it on monday, in the evening:
First I thought something had fallen in the tank. Looking closer I saw it was very pale green, and appeared to be curled up, with a point.
It took me a minute to realize: it must be from the crypt cordata. Whose newest leaf continues to look incredibly healthy, by the way.
The plant has sent out a runner and is sprouting a new scion halfway across the width of the tank. Fantastic! I know it must be happy to send out new growth like this, and in the dead of winter no less (average tank temp is 65° right now). Pics from the past two days:
There will be more coming!

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