09 January 2019

going downhill?

I come to a conclusion that my tenner is not doing so well on this newer all-in-one fertilizer I've been using. The downhill trend has been so gradual I haven't paid much attention to it. Maybe it's a change I did to the lights a while back and then failed to watch the plant response closely? Whichever, my windelov fern is definitely struggling- even though it keeps sending out new fiddleheads
the leaves continue to look pale and are disintegrating faster than they grow. Not sure if the light is too much, if it can't compete with other plants for the ferts, or if it's not absorbing the kind of iron in Thrive??
My buces, I keep thinking they look great- but all the new leaves are getting picked at by the shrimps I guess. Some leaves on the little crypt willisii also getting picked apart.
These buce look fine until you look close- the lower leaves have ominous black edges (onset of BBA?)
My buces on top of the skull look better because last week I cut off some of the lower leaves that were starting to show algae. Anbias has some black algae spots on a few leaves, too. Rotalas in the background are starting to look unwell.
These stems I moved in from the defunct 38 are doing okay so far- and there to the right w/narrow leaves is the ludwigia arcuata. Maybe it was changing the filter sponge that made things falter. Or that I didn't replace leaf litter when it all finally disappeared, so the hungry shrimps are tearing up young leaves? I put more leaf litter in yesterday.
Also it looks like my tank seams are disintegrating. I don't remember ever scraping or gouging the silicone, but there's been black marks on it for a long time and the shrimps pick at it now. Are they slowly picking it away? in some areas it's very thin with these degraded areas. It's only four and a half years old (the tank)- I bought it brand new so would think the seams to last longer than this.

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