11 January 2019

a few more indoor things

Very pleased that my salad burnet has revived from the pest it had when outdoors- it actually looks better now than it did all summer. Soap rinsings and a predatory insect saved it.
I've potted up the other cuttings of sweet potato vine that had been rooting in water, and moved the mini geranium scion into a larger pot (actually four stems in there).
One of the pieces of thanksgiving cactus I brought home from my grandmother's died- its base rotted. I'm hopeful for the others, trying to keep them dry enough (resist watering!)
my lovely little blue-green succulents have grown more-
the Leaf has done nothing yet (at least, nothing visible)
My reconfigured spider plant seems to be improving. One part of it- on the right- is still too pale and droopy- but the other parts are perking up and color is better
and I found a tiny sprout coming up from one of the rhizome pieces!

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