07 November 2018

coming indoors

My sunniest window spot for winter months, is getting crowded now- the regular plants here are the large jade and cuban oregano (just visible behind it) but also sharing the area now are chives, salad burnet,
ice plant
geraniums- my oldest 'trained' one, just now growing back its leaves after a trim, and two of its scions which have much larger foliage
and curry plant
which brought in a guest
It's an assassin bug, which I think has been eating whatever tiny insects plagued my curry plant- because it's been looking so much better since this bug has been hanging out. I didn't mind at all if it visited other plants in my house- maybe it will clean them all up. Two days after taking this picture I couldn't find the assassin bug again- I hope it is still happily consuming pests around here, but it might have wandered away because on warm afternoons I set most of these plants out on the deck to get more sun.

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