19 November 2018

thanksgiving cactus cuttings and more!

I was at my grandmother's house this weekend. She has one of those Schlumbergera cacti and when I visited it was in gorgeous bloom- all pink. The color I have been looking for. (I had one that bloomed white but I gave it to a friend months ago, because I don't really care for white flowers). Grandma kindly gave me a few pieces to bring home and start my own.
Tucked into the soil. I'm delighted to see how this one will grow!
Related plant news: weeks ago I brought home a leaf pinched off my friend's echeveria to try and restart one for myself. After I gave her an echeveria started from the saved pieces of my wedding arrangement three years ago, mine all died, bah. Of the two leaf pieces I brought home, one shriveled. But this one is growing roots! (I know because I tugged it up to see).
Kalanchoe babies are bigger- need to give the biggest one its own pot soon. Grandma had a larger one with thick central stem- I hope I can keep mine that healthy, still not sure why they always falter on me once they reach a certain size.
 Here's the little blue-green ones- grown quite a bit. Need to find the name.
I've had this one triangular succulent leaf stuck in the dirt for a long time- couldn't locate the original post on it unfortunately. It never grew any, so I don't usually make note of it, but it hasn't died either, so I kept just watering it intermittently.
Then last week I had to dump it out of the pot because ants had taken up housekeeping. Found somewhat to my surprise it actually has roots. Decided to give it a better chance- maybe all this time it's had enough nutrients to grow roots, but not quite enough to grow new foliage?
I refreshed the soil, with crushed eggshells for drainage, and moved it to a slightly brighter location. Let's see what it does.

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