23 September 2018

33 plant status

My long tank looks kind of sparse, now.
Several days ago I removed the sticks- they appeared to be rotting- and lifted out the mopani wood piece, cleaned off all the browned bolbitis fern. Most of the remaining, healthy fronds were on the ends of the rhizomes, 'walking' off the wood reaching for the tank floor. I trimmed a lot of those, reattached on top of the driftwood. It looks better in person. It reminds me of this picture.
Yes there are new fiddleheads in there- two left of center
Other plants- I am not sure how my crypt cordata is doing. It quit making new leaves, and all the existing ones are starting to melt. Maybe it doesn't like the cold, or perhaps it is still recovering from the hard time- two rescapes and then a few weeks of meds in the tank with fequent water changes had to be rough on them all.
Crypt beckettii is fine- even sprouting more new leaves!
Behind it in this overhead can see the subwassertang looks healthy too, even if its texture is small, and the greenness of bolbitis fronds.
Subwassertang against the front glass
Small new bolbitis fronds on the mesh wall- all that's left on these two rhizome pieces, but I hope it grows back well.
Vallisneria still looks messy. Every time I experimentally tug on a melting leaf to remove it, the whole plant starts to come up. So I leave them to disintegrate on their own, but it's taking a long time...
In the corner behind Perry's filter, crypts becketti petchii and lutea are growing back. I'm thinking of switching this filter out for a hydro sponge, same as I have in the 20H. So much easier to clean.
Crypt on Lady's side- tiny new leaf.
Anubias nana 'petite' does really well in here- lined up behind the crinum.
Which is doing an odd thing- it has three leaves that appear to be fused in center- comes from the base as three leaves, then together, then splits again near the tips- I wonder if they will separate entirely as it grows out?
Windelov ferns are same as always
Ludwigia repens var arcuata hasn't grown much since last trim and replant. The stem pieces I planted of 'hygro species' melted as far as I can tell.
Side angle here shows in reflection- they are green, but bend a lot- either seeking light or shortage of something
Ludwigia palustris is doing okay- melting leaves at base but not nearly as fast as the hygro went
Up top, salvinia appears to have recovered- most of the leaves are green now, I don't see nearly as many deteriorating. But the hornwort has nearly all died off, there's only have one small stem left in here. It was so lovely before I moved the tank over. Will try to replace with pieces from the 20H.
I replaced all the peaky-looking sweet potato vine with new cuttings, and used some of the lime-orange coleus as well. Rooting nicely.
That's the current state of the tank.

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