09 April 2018

some new herbs

A few days ago I visited the lfs. Around the corner is a farmer's market and I like the plant vendor there. Unfortunately I didn't note their name. I was looking for stevia but they didn't have any ready yet. I picked up a small pot of lavendar and a new rosemary (mine died in the garden again).
Also this pretty citrus-secented geranium
And something the vendor called "scat plant". She said it repels deer and rodents, is easy to propagate as well. It does have a very distinctive, skunky smell when you get close.
I was kind of in a hurry so didn't inquire more, I mean how wrong can you go with five bucks? I like the leaf shape, too- it's rather like my cuban oregano plant. Came home and went to look up more info- I have no idea how large this plant gets, if it likes sun or shade, if it's cold-hardy or I need to keep it in a pot and bring inside overwinter. I couldn't find anything. "Scat plant" got me all kinds of search results that are obviously not this. I wish I'd asked the scientific name. I'll have to go back to the market in a few weeks for stevia, and ask for more info.

Further search: it might be the plant called "kitty scat" or "scardey-cat plant" which is rue. But mine looks a bit different: has shorter, rounder leaf habit. I wonder if it will change form once settled outside.

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