19 April 2018

equipment and small stuff

This little thing suddenly made tank day so much easier, ha.
I found it in a box of stuff I once used for inks and gouache paint. Took it apart and sterilized the glass. Using it for measuring the water conditioner. Simple. Before I was using a medicine syringe for that- and after time the plunger sticks and the drops don't come out evenly. Sometimes I'd have to dump the start of the water and do it again, to get the right amount of conditioner. Why did it take me four and a half years to think of using an actual eye dropper for something that requires dosage by the drop?

In setting up my new tank, I figured I could run it half-full for a while using my spare 50 watt heater and several small sponge filters plus the extra corner box filter, while I save up again for a new Eheim canister - as I've now used all my hobby budget. I forgot how many other small essentials I'd need to buy for the setup, though. Here's a start (plus what gathered from under the other tank cabinets- the airline tubing, line splitters, air control valves, pvc pipe, clay caves, analog timer): an air pump (my spare is in use on the QT tank), 250 watt heater, large siphon vacuum, longer-handled fish net, check valve, glass thermometer. I've ordered a GFCI power strip. Getting ready!

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