23 March 2018

window tank plants

They seem a bit improved with the longer daylight hours now-
Windelov ferns
There's another one here between the bits of subwassertang, and vallisneria in front of filter
most of the subwasser is in front right corner. It's perking up a bit.
Bolbitis fern has a few new leaves. I cut some of the old ones out, that were darker and curling.
Anubias isn't much to look at, since it turns away to face the light ...
One of the suspect sagittaria came uprooted and had no new growth- roots rotting. I tossed it. The other is hanging on a bit longer.
There's still a small piece of regular java fern in here. I ought to move it into a different tank. It's not really happy.
Small crypts in the front I've finally figured are crypt willisii.
Crypt retrospiralis have hung on all winter. I hope to see more growth when it warms up.

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