01 February 2018

peppered cories propagating

The cories were especially energetic this morning. Momma going around sticking eggs on the glass, on plants, even on the underside of leaf litter. There's one egg on the front glass that is still there after three days. I peek at it with the loop now and then, but won't be surprised if someone eats it before it hatches. Here she's carrying one egg in the fins under her belly.
The fry is getting even bolder at staying out in open areas to feed among the adults. From a short distance away watching the tank, I can see it easily now instead of having to peer close and look for its small wiggling motions. Here overhead view of it in the windelov fronds.
You can really tell how much it's grown if compare this picture to ones from here and here where it was also in windelov.
Or these photos I just took, to those 12 days ago when it was also perched on biggest anubias leaves.
Grow, Lucky, grow!

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