04 February 2018

coleus report

My lime colored coleus, the orange portions have all turned red.
Some more than others.
These were all starting to get very top-heavy on the window ledges, and I don't have space to put them in bigger pots. So I cut their heads off. And put those cuttings in jars, I can't help it. I want a big swathe of these plants across my front yard this year.
The one plant that had rounded leaves, is finally changing back to normal. It's in the front of this cuttings jar- new leaves on top are pointy again. Too bad, I liked the different round ones.
Pink-centered ones on the windowsill behind our huge schefflera plant, are looking glorious.
Down in the basement window, the other pink-centered coleus looks very sad and stunted by comparison. Either because it's colder or gets less light, or both.
But at least it's still alive. One of my larger pots of cut-down 'kiwi fern' coleus, suddenly wilted this past week. Not sure what happened- the other cut-down pot next to it gets exactly the same treatment, and is fine (if a bit leggy).
All my red-and-purple 'kiwi fern' coleus are in the kitchen windowsill now, regrouped. Most of them have darker stems, like this:
But there's one that is much paler, green. I'm not sure why.

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