18 March 2017

tenner notes

This one tallest stem of bacopa in the tenner, the leaf changed shape at the water surface. It's much rounder (compare to second picture). I never saw that before. Is it going to flower?

Most of the bacopa got trimmed and replanted- leaves on the lower half of the stems melted severely this week. Replanted them in a denser clump, and added a few rotala stems trimmed out of the main tank- and checked my sponge filter again. It seems to be doing a better job, it seems there is less mulm to siphon out. I threw out the last few brown/clogged bio-cubes and replaced with a some pebbles for weight.
Samblu struggles against the current of it if he gets too close- but he keeps going back there. Is he dumb, or does he like swimming through it?
If you look close, can see the scattering of blue scales across his black face. Deformity in his back end really visible in this pic. One of these days I'll have to get a photo of him flaring at the mirror- he's got a large streak of red in his fins that you can't see here.

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