18 March 2017

still waiting

Still cycling. Last stage takes the longest.
I took this photo with a large sheet of white drawing paper as backdrop (yeah, there's a piece of hornwort stuck in the windelov. And please excuse the hasty photoshop job to obscure reflection of a framed image that was on the wall behind me),
otherwise it's all washed out. But then I love how the light shows through these apono stems, doomed as they are. Trimmings of the longest leaves from the main tank- I put them in here just for looks- I know they will rot. I have been trying so hard not to look at this tank because it's very hard to keep myself from cleaning out the moldy food. Today I siphoned out just three clumps of it that were getting loose enough to start drifting around the tank- I really don't want it fouling the filter or getting all over the foliage.
The hornwort is holding up pretty well- I trimmed a few at base and added more cuttings from the main tank. Some of the stems have been drooping at the terminal ends. It needed a bit of top-off this week and I used old tankwater from the main one. Figured it would have a bit of nutrients for the plants. Not sure if it's my hopeful imagination, but I think the stems look straighter at the tips today.

Also have tossed in another few mts and bit of gravel that got siphoned out of the tenner (I always get some of it accidentally, now it can feed this tank).

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