08 March 2017

not ready yet

Tested the water in the window tank this morning- Ammonia is rising at 0.25, Nitrite just above 0, Nitrate 20ppm after I did a 30-40% wc yesterday. I know it's not precise, but I don't really feel like going out to buy pure ammonia, and I have plenty of fish food on hand -some that need to get used up it is expired and I would just feed it to my worm bin.

So I picked out more mts from the other tanks and tossed them in here last night. There must be at least 20 or 25 now. Do snails communicate alarm to each other? I swear after just a few days it's getting hard to see any in the established tanks to catch- either they are hiding from me or I have got all the ones that tend to crawl around topside and the rest prefer to stay in the substrate. I know I have not even dented their population in there.

They gather around the sinking food but don't consume it very quickly- so I have been siphoning out food every other day when it starts to go moldy, and dropping more in.

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