07 March 2017

good colors

I might go pick up the fishes on saturday.
My new setup has cycled! No ammonia, zero nitrite and high nitrates. Did a large water change today while I was switching tanks. Yeah I swapped the actual tank out for a new one, which is slightly smaller, a 20H. The 29 on closer inspection had three faults- chips in the glass on two different corner seams, and a crack in the plastic frame on an opposite bottom corner. I think the crack is only an aesthetic problem, but the chips indicate at some point the tank had an impact, which could be a weak point. I wouldn't worry if it was just one chip or crack, but three makes me worry the older tank could fail and split a seam... that would not be a good day.

So I coughed up some illustration earnings and got a new tank, moved everything into it today. Same arrangement and planting. (I wanted a 20 because not out to buy a ton of new equipment right now- and my 50 watt heater was running all the time to keep the 29 at even a low temperature. It won't have to work so hard in a 20 gal). I am going to heat it for the time being- all the adopted fishes will go in here for quarantine before I move the tetras in with the cherry barbs after which this will be an unheated tank.

Very low tech- no heater, no light, just a filter. That's my plan.

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Jeane said...

Well, a heater for the time being. But set at a low temperature.