07 January 2017

ferts adjustment

A minor one. Because I saw that this week (and last) things are better again, in a subtle way. There were no spirodela polyrhiza leaves with yellowing, or black spots. Now they all look glaringly healthy such a vivid green.
Week before last I had also picked out some common duckweed that showed up. And I can't see any of those narrower small oval pairs now. Might show up again but seems cleared out for the time being.
Ludwigia did drop some leaves last week, but it might have been discarding old foliage in favor of growing new- because the tops look great. And no more buces seem poorly. The only plant that really looks sad in here now is wisteria. It never seems to have recovered from being moved... Bacopa has larger leaves- almost as nice as those in the bigger tank, which I notice just now when comparing this week's full tank shot to last.
So I am back to dosing 5ml per week of the micros, and I am also taking care to leave a longer time gap between dosing the macros and the micros, in case it helps with uptake of iron and . Also dosed a very tiny amount of Mg- literally four grains of epsom salt.

I trimmed a small amount of flame moss again. More on that very soon!

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